Deirdre Havlin

Flute / Whistle

Deirdre Havlin is one of Ireland’s most prolific flute and whistle players. Her playing is characterised by her vibrant and ornate style accompanied by a mighty tone. Deirdre was a leading member with the critically acclaimed bands, Déanta and The London Lasses, and has been an inspiration to flute players all over the world. Déanta toured extensively throughout the USA and Europe becoming established members of the traditional music scene. They signed with Green Linnet, releasing three albums, which blended traditional tunes and song. In 1990 and 1991 Déanta represented Ireland at the Lorient Interceltic Festival, in Brittany, where they won the Trophée Loïc Raison for best band (1990). Deirdre went on to join renowned traditional Irish band, The London Lasses and Pete Quinn before recording, releasing and touring the band’s second album ‘Track Across the Deep’ in 2003, she also recorded on The Lasses’ 3rd album ‘Enchanted Lady’ in 2007. Highlights of Deirdre’s time with the band include touring the UK, Ireland, the USA and Germany, as well as a memorable performance on the Acoustic Stage a Glastonbury Festival. Deirdre also played with the renowned band, Cherish the Ladies, playing alongside Joanie Madden and Mirella Murray.

Today Deirdre is the forerunner and organiser of the Causeway Sessions on the north coast of Ireland, promoting traditional music in the area and teaches extensively in the area. Dee also is a member of local band Brí alongside, Heather Montgomery, Lucy Birch and David Dunlop. Brí can be found performing all over Ireland and offer a great eclectic mix of folk and Trad. Recently she performed at the Keady Flute Festival alongside fellow flautists such as, Harry Bradley, Aoife Granville and Barry Kerr. Dee has also tutored in the Donaghmore Summer School for the past two consecutive years.