Programme 2016

Full Programme details below. Tickets for 2016 events are now available as per below.

Almost all Festival event tickets available from IMDL ticket booth here:

apart from the following gigs:

Tues 25 Oct, Green Note – Bryan Rooney and Pete Quinn/ Mick Mulvey

Fri 28 Oct: Kings Place – Mórga/ John Bowe, Mick O’Connor and Pete Quinn

Fri 28 Oct: Musical Traditions Club – Jimmy Crowley – Tickets:

Please arrive at 10.30am (30 mins early) for instrumental and singing workshops to allow time for registration.

Advertised concert times are doors open time, onstage time is half an hour later.

Album launch on stage times are approximately the same as door open times.

U18s £6 at any music event

SPECIAL OFFER TICKETS: £40 Sat/ Sun/ Mon Concerts and Céilís Ticket:

£30 Sat/ Sun Dancing Workshops and Céilís Ticket:

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